Special Business Applications
Clinics & Medical Centre Management

Clinics & Medical Centre Management System is used to enables physicians and clinic managers to efficiently manage their clinics' daily operational needs. Designed for a single-user or multiple users in a network environment, our comprehensive clinic software services equip medical and clinics with useful tools to implement a complete medical solution.

The system provides a number of key functions including but not limited to:-

Work Flow & Queue Management

  • Registration of patients and monitor their progress from Wait Queue to Consultation and Dispensary and up to Billing and Payment.
  • Investigation, Treatment services and Medication grouping
  • Item Regime and Packages for fast dispensary
  • Drug labels and Regime labels
  • Allergy warning

Patient Medical Record Management

  • Patient health history and allergy
  • Fast patient search on 'Family name', 'Given Name','Patient Reference Number','Address','Birthdate' or 'Last Visit Date'.
  • Patient 'pre-registration'
  • Patient visit history
  • Patient registration and mailing labels
  • Barcode printing for patient labels

Medical Billing and Payment Management

  • Private patient billing, Corporate Billing and Co-payment
  • Cash billing, Invoice generation for credit billing
  • Payment in different payment mode - CASH, CHEQUE, NETS, VISA, MASTER etc
  • Payment in single or multiple payment mode
  • Multiple payments for one invoice or one payment for multiple invoices
  • Prepayment, Credit Notes and Refund
Automatic combining of bills into single invoices for monthly consolidated invoicing







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