Special Business Applications

     Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS)

Business success may be measured in financial terms, but it is created by people.

Most companies invest in software for managing and monitoring their financial assets, very few have systematic tools for managing and monitoring their people.  How many HR managers are able to produce instant, up-to-the minute reports on headcount, nationals employed, vacancies, departmental payroll costs, vacation plans,?  Yes, eventually they can assemble and analyze all the data, but how long will it take.

 Our system uses, a set of simple processes to automate the entire human Resources Activities, through a set of modules which include, but not limited to:-

  • Database Set-Up – in a series of easy – to – follow steps, the HR mangers sets up the structure of the business, and the variation for each of the locations where the data base is to be used. Includes of currencies, grades, allowance, departments, jobs, the manpower plan, payroll categories – and key formulae for overtime calculations, social insurance, and tax rates etc.

  • Payroll – designed to cover the payroll needs of the Gulf client’s with widely varying requirements. Automatic calculations of absence and overtime amounts, as well as outstanding values of loans and advances, social insurance, indemnity, and vacation accruals. Multi-currency, multi-bank capability for pay slip-produce in the local currency, but reported centrally in the base currency. Cost Centre and GL analyses, with the ability to export to your accounting system. Can separate Staff and Management payrolls (extra charge for this). Automatic calculation of leaving package, full historical payroll record, and a complete audit trial.

  • Time and Attendance Module – Option Module that allows immediate follow-up on absence and lateness, gives end of month / year attendance reports. Looked directly to the payroll module. Thereby eliminating up to 50% of the time spent processing the average payroll.

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