Special Business Applications

  Motels and Furnished Flats Management


Our Hotel Management System (HMS) is a powerful and versatile reservation & management system tailored for hotels, guest houses, and furnished apartment.   It has been designed in consultation with hotels to meet their specific needs.

Manage Bookings

For rooms, facilities hire and any other resources used by your visitors. Record preferences such as board type and special requests. Keep track of room status and cleaning requirements, Restaurants and laundry.

Centrally Manage All Data

Reduce mistakes and duplicated effort with all your customers, accounts and booking data in one central database.

Tailor Staff Permissions

Give individual users precise permissions to view and edit each piece of data in the system.

User Friendly

Simple to use, does not require high computer skills, and can be accessed from any computer within your LAN

Powerful Automatic Tariffs

Set up rules to generate charges automatically for bookings and any other services you provide. Apply discounts and miscellaneous charges to accounts. Raise and issue invoices to customers and any time.

Excellent Reporting

As a manager you can choose from a set of standard reports or create customized reports presenting the exact information you require. Once created they may be accessed quickly and easily with the click of the mouse. Export reports to a spreadsheet for further analysis.







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