Network Design and re-engineering

LAN/WAN design and support requires multiple resources, top-tier vendor support and a thorough understanding of network infrastructure planning. Coretech performs product research and strategic planning to create viable solutions that meet your business objectives.

Our team of system engineers helps your organization address the complex issues involved in designing, implementing, managing, and supporting information technology and net-based connectivity solutions. Our system and network engineers thoroughly analyze your business requirements and provide a technical solution designed to meet your time and cost concerns, existing infrastructure, even future growth plans. Core's approach compresses the time required to deliver a documented, working solution. We make sure that implementation of any solution proceeds smoothly, finishes on time, stays within budget and works as specified.

CORE TECHNOLOGY has the expertise and knowledge to design, implement and manage world class network.  Network re-engineering is one of the prime role of Core as we work very closely with our customers to study the actual requirement, and deploy the appropriate networking technology that matches the customer requirements.

Network ServicesCore also designs, installs and services enterprise data networks - the backbone of Internet connectivity responsible for the transmission of end-user information. We understand new and emerging technology, and how to intuitively and cost-effectively build and manage communications infrastructures.






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