What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing or External IT as called by others, is a different way to run your business and the computer part of it. With outsourcing, you do not need to manage servers on site, hiring IT staff, Manage your IT security, or paying consultants. For a fixed monthly fee, the outsourcing body becomes your IT department, your servers, your help desk, your IT management, your Internal and external access to your network from anywhere and more.

The Value of Outsourcing

Many CIO’s are struggling with a growing list of IT projects and problems in the face of time, money and, in particular, personnel constraints. Frequently, we hear “I want to focus on new projects strategic to my company, but I am weighed down with daily operations and keeping my current systems running.”

Inevitably, IT systems maintenance required to keep business running takes precedence over new, strategic initiatives (e.g., in-house applications development) that could create competitive advantage or spur business growth. There is frequently a degree of mismatch between skills and tasks, resulting in the misapplication and/or underutilization of valuable IT talent.


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